Key Benefits Of Financial Fixed Odds Betting

We have already seen that one of the major advantages of fixed odds is that you can tailor your bets to suit your analysis of the markets.

However there are several other unique benefits of financial fixed odds betting.

Here are the key benefits that we think make this platform a highly attractive way of trading on the financial markets.

Financial Fixed Odds Is Easy To Use And Understand

The binary nature of fixed odds bets makes them both easy to understand and place in your account. With no complicated stop loss levels to worry about and a ‘set and forget’ style of trading you don’t have to worry about constantly monitoring your positions.

The low minimum account opening requirements and the ability to start trading from just £10, also makes financial fixed odds betting an easily accessible form of financial trading.

Multiple Trade Types To Profit From All Market Conditions

Unlike other trading platforms you are not simply limited to ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ bets although these are of course available. In addition you can use Touch bets which allow you to profit from predicting levels in the markets that will or won’t be touched or you can place specific Barrier bets to take advantage of range bound markets. In fact there is a bet which will allow you to profit from virtually any market condition!

Strategies used can take advantage of both long term (days, weeks, months) or short term intra-day moves. This allows you to make use of a strategy which fits your trading style.

Limited Risks

You know both your potential profit and liability prior to placing a trade in your account. This unique feature ensures that you can never lose more than your initial bet stake even you call the market completely wrong.

In addition you cannot bet with money that has not been credited to your account so their is also no fear of running up unmanageable losses with your broker.

Sell Your Bet Back Early

You can sell your bet back to BetOnMarkets before expiry for its market value. This is one of the most often overlooked advantages of fixed odds.

You can use this feature to bank profits early, de-risk your open trading positions or to recoup some of the bet price back if the market suddenly moves against you.

Trade a Range Of Financial Markets From One Account

Trade the global Stock Indices, Forex currency pairs, commodities and even a growing range of individual shares all from within one trading account.

Tax Free Profits With Fixed Odds

Gains from financial fixed odds are classified under betting rules and therefore profits you make  are exempt from tax in the UK. And with no commissions or dealing charges to pay on the bets you take your profit is exactly that… your profit!

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