Fix The Markets Review

fix-themarketsFix the Markets by Lee Moore is a Fixed Odds signal service provided through Agora Publishing.

It offers subscribers with set and forget signals for Forex market which are specifically designed for use with the trade types offered by the BetOnMarkets binary fixed odds platform.

Product: Fix The Markets
Cost: £397.00
Where To Buy:
Type: Signal Service
Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Markets Traded: Forex
Trade Types Used: No Touch
Pros: Clear profitable signals via SMS and Email
Cons: Market movements may alter returns you are offered (+ and -)
What You Receive: Trade Signals delivered to you via SMS and Email
Twice weekly market update emails
Fix The Markets Manual

The Fix The Markets Signal Service

Lee Moores’ service offers an easy set and forget way to trade on BetOnMarkets. Trades are sent out exclusively for the major Forex currency pairs, including the EUR/USD, GBP/USD and USD/JPY.

Trade signals are delivered directly to the SMS and email details that you supply when signing up. This is to ensure that you can place the signals in your account as soon as possible after the signal is sent.

The trade details provided give you all the information required in order to place the signal, including the level, time duration to run the trade for an approximate return that you will earn if the signal expires successfully.

All you have to do is follow the simple information provided in the alert and place the exact same signals in your own account.

The literature states that the signals can be delivered at any point between 08-00 and 21:00 GMT, Monday to Friday.

The service comes with an accompanying manual which covers the concept behind the service and also details how you can place your trade on BetOnMarkets. This is particularly useful for anyone who is unfamiliar with trading on BetOnMarkets.

Signals for the service are mostly of the ‘No Touch’ trade variety. However the manual states that ‘ Touch’ bets can also be sent when Lee thinks they are offer a better chance for profiting.

The returns for each signal vary. However expect to earn around 30-35% per trade. Of course, as with any signal service, the exact return you receive on each trade can often depend on how quickly you can act on the signal.

All trades are set and forget once placed. They are typically set to run for one or two days in the market, so you will see a quick return on your outlay.

The service targets at least one trade per week. The exact number of signals you receive will depend upon the market conditions and whether or not Lee believes the markets are suitable for trading.

A weekly update is provided which details both the current results of the system and provides a market outlook for the coming week.

Fix The Markets Verdict

Trades sent via the Fix the Markets signal service are valid up until the end of the day that they are sent. This means that you don’t have to place the signal as soon as you receive it.

Of course as with any signal service it is worth noting that a delay in placing the signal can result you getting a different return for the bet than stated in Lee’s signal. This can of course work both ways and in some cases you may even receive a better return than stated.

Fix the Markets provides an easy way to profit from Fixed Odds trading for those who don’t have the time to carry out a thorough analysis of the markets themselves. To put it simply, the work is done for you.

All you need to do is keep your phone to hand and be ready to place the signals when received in your own trading account in order to profit.

As with all products marketed by Agora you can test drive the system with a full 60 day money back guarantee.

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