Why use our service?

Our subscription service aims to return consistent profits by using fixed odds trades. Our traders have several years of investment experience in a variety of markets conditions and use this to seek out profitable fixed odds opportunities.We trade both FOREX (Foreign Exchange) currency markets and the international Stock Indices. Our approach is to remain flexible, allowing us to react to changing market conditions.

Our interest is financial trading and investment. We scrutinize the markets looking for profitable opportunities as they arise. We then validate these opportunities, using a mixture of both fundamental and technical analysis to qualify our views. It is only when a trade meets our risk reward criteria that we place it. Our commitment is only made if we see a genuine opportunity.

We do not view our service as a 'get rich quick scheme' but aim to use our focus and understanding of the market to deliver you consistent profits.

What you will need to trade our signals

That's all! There is no complicated software to download or install and no charts to watch. You can access your broker anywhere from where you can gain access to the internet. This allows great flexibility for placing our signals. Some brokers also offer the ability to log into their sites via mobile phones.

Our trades take only a few minutes to place and don't require any further interaction after placing.

An Example Signal

When we place a trade we immediately send you an email and/or SMS. This contains all the information that you will need to successfully place the trade. This includes 5 easy to read pieces of information:-

1.The trade type - NO TOUCH

2.The market to place the trade on - GBPUSD

3.The level to set - 1.45

4.The time limit on the trade - 7 Days

5.The return we received when placing the trade - 40%

Placing Your Trade

So lets work through the example above. Upon receipt you would need to log into your account and select the trade type - 'No Touch.'

-Then select the market that the trade is to be placed in. - in this case 'GBP/USD' (Forex currency pair) We often place FOREX trades due to their shorter time frames for expiry, but the market could also be a stock index, such as the DOW, DAX or FTSE.

-The next piece of information is the level to set. This is the important number as this is the level that we expect the market not to touch for the duration of this trade. So in this example we enter 1.997.

-The number of days is the time frame in which we expect the trade not to touch this level. Certain trades have a minimum timeframe that can be set. We tend to focus on NO TOUCH, ONE TOUCH and RANGE BETS and use a 7 day or less timeframe.

The last number is the return that we achieved when placing the trade. In this instance 15%... yes that is a return of 15% on your stake if the level is not breached in 7 days! It is possible that a delay in placing the signal may change the return you receive. This works both ways and sometimes you can get a much better return than we we achieved.

Once you have placed the bet with the bookmaker there is nothing left to do. The value of the trade will fluctuate in line with the market movements for the duration it is running. The next step is simply to log into your account when the trade has expired and claim your profits!

Can I make money from Fixed Odds Trading?

By following our clear signals you will be able to participate in the huge rewards that fixed odds trading offers. Obviously if you start with a small account it will take longer to grow but given time, there is no limit to the profits you can make from Fixed Odds.

The table below illustrates how quickly even a relatively modest starting bank of £1000 would grow over twelve months. Even if we assume a small, acheivable monthly return of just 10% on capital, this would compound into substantial gains over 12months!

Fixed Odds Growth


So just by returning a very conservative 10% per month, in 12 months your bank could easily grow to £3138.42! A potential for a 213% annual return!

Compare that return with your cash investments and you will see why we believe passionately in fixed odds trading and its ability to create wealth!!!

* Note the above table is for illustration purposes only. We do not and cannot guarantee profits. You should be prepared to lose all your initial stake. We recommend that you never trade with money that you cannot afford to lose. Please read our terms and conditions before subscribing for this service.


Fixed Odds betting carries a level of risk. You should only speculate with money you can afford to lose. Please ensure that this form of trading matches your investment objectives and you have read and understand our terms and conditions. If you unsure as to whether this form of trading meets your investment objectives then please seek financial advice or refrain from using our service.