What is a Fixed Odds trade?

Although Fixed Odds Bookmakers offer many bet types, at FixedOddsInvestment we specialise in NO TOUCH trades. This trade pays out a fixed sum when a given market does not touch a specified level. For example, you may identify the following trade:

GBP/USD 'not to touch' 1.60 over the next 5 days.

On checking this trade with our favoured bookmaker, BetOnMarkets, we can see that to win £500 we would need to stake £373 for the next five days.

The trade is placed and the market drops sharply. Even though the market regains some ground it never touches the level set during the 5 days in the market. The bet is then sold back to the bookmaker netting you an incredible £127 profit! That's the equivalent of a 35% return on your capital in just 5 days!

Fixed odds Trade

Of course the levels could have been varied to increase or reduce the percentage return, or the length of time of expiry could have been changed to suit the market conditions. It is this flexibiltiy where you essentaily ' build your own bet' that makes fixed odds so attractive. It also gives you the potential to make some very good returns in a short period of time!

Simple to understand
Fixed odds bets are easy to place and simple to understand. With low minimum account opening values and the ability to start placing trades from just £10, fixed odds brings the potential to profit from financial markets to a wide audience.
Limited Risks
The risk you place is limited to your stake. You know both your potential winnings and your liability prior to placing your trade! There is no account draw down and you cannot bet with money that has not been credited to your account. This unique feature ensures that you can never lose more than your initial stake.
Sell your bet back early
You can sell your bet back to the bookmaker before expiry. This is useful both if you want to bank profits early, and if you want to sell out of a trade that is going against you. You sell back the bet to the bookmaker for its current market value and can then use this for your next opportunity!
Trade a range of markets from one account
Fixed odds offer convenience with the ability to trade an ever growing number of markets from just one account. At present you can trade Stock Indices, Currencies and an ever increasing number of individual shares and commodities.
Multiple Trade Types to take advantage of different market conditions
With fixed odds you are not limited to simply ‘Up’ or ‘Down’ bets. This is because you select not only the markets you trade but also the way in which you trade. You can profit from not only traditional long/short strategies but also place specific bets to take advantage of range bound and volatile markets… in fact there is a bet for any market condition!
Tax Free Profits
As Fixed Odds trading is technically classed as financial betting, all returns made are tax free! There is no separate dealing charge of commission to pay. The price you are quoted for your bet is the price you pay. And of course your winnings are just that… your winnings!


Fixed Odds betting carries a level of risk. You should only speculate with money you can afford to lose. Please ensure that this form of trading matches your investment objectives and you have read and understand our terms and conditions. If you unsure as to whether this form of trading meets your investment objectives then please seek financial advice or refrain from using our service.