FX Friday Review

fx-friday-forex-trading-systemFX Friday by Lee Moore is a Fixed Odds trading strategy from Agora publications that allows you to claim a weekly payout from the Forex markets.

As is suggested by the name, the system strategy is used only on a Friday evening each week. It is a fully set and forget trading strategy which only takes a few minutes in order to identify trades which are run into the following week.

Product: FX Friday
Cost: £197.00
Where To Buy: http://www.fsponline-recommends.co.uk
Type: Fixed Odds Strategy
Guarantee: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Market Traded: Forex
Trade Types Used: No Touch
Pros: Simple 10 minute weekly process on Friday evening
Cons: Limited number of signals
What You Receive: FX Friday Spreadsheet
FX Friday Comprehensive step-by-step-guide
60 Day Money Back Guarantee

How Does FX Friday Trading System Work?

The Forex strategy makes use of Lee’s ‘boring spreadsheet’ which is supplied together with a comprehensive system manual which takes you through implementing the strategy.

Each Friday evening you will need to complete the spreadsheet adding in the required figures from the previous weeks chart. Once these figures are entered the spreadsheet will highlight any potential trading opportunities for the upcoming week.

Details pointing you to a set of free charts are provided as are comprehensive instructions on the information you need to note down.

The key requirement of this strategy is that it needs to be run between 18-00 and 21:00 GMT each Friday. It makes use of a No Touch bet which is placed to close on Friday the following week. Lee states that you can also run the strategy first thing on a Monday morning if you miss the Friday trading window.

Where a trade signal is generated it is then cross referenced with BetOnMarkets to see what return is being offered. Only trades where sufficient odds are offered are taken. The suggested minimum return you should be looking for is 30%.

Additional rules are also provided which can be used for those looking to take a lower risk trading approach. These are simple and suggest taking any positions where a major news event is due due for release the following week, such as Interest rate decisions and Non Farm Payrolls figures.

FX Friday Verdict

FX Friday provides a simple and easy to execute Fixed Odds strategy which requires minimal time commitment and effort.

If there is any downside to the system it is that it won’t necessarily find a trade opportunity every week. However on trading weeks you will tend to get more than one signal.

For those who want a simple trading strategy that compliments other fixed odds strategies you are using this makes a good addition.

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