Placing Trades With BetOnMarkets

Here we provide a walk through of placing your Fixed Odds trades with BetOnMarkets. For the purposes of this walk through we make use of the No Touch Bet Type.

1. Login

Login to the BetOnMarkets website and enter your Account number and Password to access your account.

2. Place the Bet

At the main page select the tab ‘Start betting’ and click on the ‘Forex’ Option or alternatively click on the ‘Forex’ option under ‘Place a Bet’.

3. Select the Bet Type


Here you need to select the Bet Type. For this example we are using the ‘Touch/ No Touch’. This tab actually contains two bet types -

The ‘Touch’ bet specifies that a market will touch a level during the duration of the bet.

The 'No Touch' bet specifies that a market will not touch a level during the duration of he bet.

Select the ‘No Touch’ bet by setting the drop down box to ‘does not touch.’

4. Enter Trade Signal Details

Once you have selected and correctly set the bet type you will then need to enter the remainder of the information from the trade signal.


You will need to enter the following information:

5. Price the Bet

Recheck your details and ensure that you have entered all the information correctly.

Once you have done this click on ‘Price This Bet’

BetOnMarkets supply you with the price offered for the bet parameters you have just entered.

This includes the price of the bet, the net profit you will receive if the bet wins and the return on your stake given as a percentage.

At this point you can adjust the bet parameters or correct any mistakes. After any changes simply click ‘Price This Bet’ to get a re quote from BetOnMarkets..

6. Confirm and Buy Bet

Once you are happy with the bet the final stage is to add it to your Portfolio.


Click ‘Buy This Bet' to purchase the bet and add it to your portfolio.

In your Portfolio screen both the price you paid for the bet and its current value are shown.

Winning bets are automatically credited back to your account the day following expiry.

Other Bet Types

Rise / Fall Bet Type

Higher / Lower Bet Type

Touch / No Touch Bet Type

In / Out Bet Type

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Fixed Odds betting and trading with BetOnMarkets carries a level of risk. You should only ever speculate with money you can afford to lose. Please ensure that this form of trading matches your investment objectives and you have read and understand both our terms and conditions and those of BetOnMarkets. If you unsure as to whether this form of trading meets your investment objectives then please seek financial advice or refrain from using any services on this website.